Monday, December 18, 2006

Cards Cards Cards Cards....

OK, I stayed up most of the night working. I had that energy, and I couldn't seem to stop myself! I kept looking over at those sad lonely little microscope slides and decided they would be much more comfy nestled on a card rather than just laying around gathering dust. And, since I had a head start on the glitz and glitter, I added more and more and more!

I handed off the other slide to my gal pal Gwen, and we'll have to see what she comes up with for it! I'll make her share!

Other that that card I made candles. Usually I just go ahead and stamp on them, but since I was already having a night of bling I went ahead and embossed with Gold Detail Embossing Powder. WOW! Now you can make up your own mind, but I'm a little worried that the gold is too much?! Is there such a thing? I'd hate to be tacky, so you'll have to let me know what you think! (Be honest, but not hurtful!)

I also worked on a new technique using UTEE... Hmmmm... I know its hard to tell from the picture, but the flower is standing up. Very cute to see in person, loses some of the appeal through the photograph. Trust me, its cute. And this new technique will be added to my Embossing Technique Class. (Email me if you wanna join the class - either in person or through the mail!)

So, the last thing I did was work on a horsey card. I wanted something a little more masculine to send to my husband. This is so simple, but I really like the results. I spent quite a while hemming and hawing between the jute twine and chocolate grosgrain, but the twine won out in the end. I punched the little holes along each corner. Thank goodness for the guide or I never would have gotten them even!

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