Friday, January 19, 2007

Man oh man did I get a ton of emails and posts since yesterday and all of them wanting the same thing… Instructions for the card below! Wow! Glad glad glad that everyone likes it! I was sure impressed with myself when I completed it! (And even as amazing as it looks on the computer it’s 110% better in real life! So anyway, here’s my tutorial on how to make this card!

Polished Stone

  • 3 different Alcohol inks (I used Terra Cotta, Wild Plum and Currant)

  • Krylon Copper Leafing Pen

  • Glossy Cardstock

  • Felt Dauber (called a “stomper” locally)

  • Alcohol Ink Blending Solution


  • Randomly dot glossy cardstock with Copper Leafing Pen

  • Apply three or four drops of each color to felt dauber, and add some blending solution

  • Smoosh all over paper being sure to cover all the white spots. It’s OK if the Copper Leafing mixes in a little.

  • Once the cardstock is completely covered hold bottle of blending solution above the cardstock and allow to drip. This will scatter the ink and pen, leaving a marbleize effect.

  • The higher you hold the bottle when you drip it the larger the splots are going to be.

This same thing can be accomplished using Stampin’ Up! supplies. Rather than alcohol inks, use reinkers, and substitute rubbing alcohol for blending solution! You’ve got it made!

Have fun, and feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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