Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Daisy Crazy

That time of year has nearly arrived! Children dread it, parents wish for it. Yes, I'm talking about BACK TO SCHOOL! Or, as in the Chenoweth household, time to go to school for the first time!! That's right, our Davy, sweet, innocent and docile creature that he is will be wreaking havoc on someone else for most of the day soon!

Jump back a week in time however and picture me with my child (who is never messy and always does exactly what his mama asks him to) in Staples. We're buying school supplies and Mama's desk supplies, cause after all I do have a business to run too! We're tossing stuff in the cart right and left and the magic item tossed in happens to be a combo-pack of printer ink.

For purchasing that combo-pack we received a $10 gift certificate for Staples. My first thought was "Duh, of course I get one of those AFTER I buy school supplies." That little nasty was followed by: "But maybe I can give this to David's soon to be VICTIM - I mean teacher!" (You know, kind of butter her up and get in her good graces before David shows his inner demon!)

So, tonight has been spent trying to dress up that ugly gift card into something I can give to Mr. School Boy to hand over to his poor poor poor unsuspecting teacher on open house two days before school starts.

I used Purely Pomegranate and Bashful Blue card stock, the Build-A-Flower Accents and Elements, the Much Appreciated stamp set, as well as my Stardust Pen (non-Stampin' Up!) I went a little crazy with the flowers, but I was enjoying myself and so that's OK with me. I wasn't sure I'd ever make a project I liked with these flowers and it turned out to be more fun than I imagined it would be! So anyway, that's the front of the card. The inside isn't decorated so I won't bore you with any more on the card.

To accompany the card - and hide the UGLY Staples gift card - I used the Accents and Elements tin. First I punched holes at the top with my Crop-a-Dile and threaded some of the Double Stitched Purely Pomegranate ribbon through to make a little handle. I then punched three holes across the top to insert some of our Circle Rhinestone Brads, I used cool colors for this project. Then I put on some of the self adhesive die cut flowers from the tin on the top, a lot fewer this time though! Time to move on to the chipboard now. I took the "L" letter from our On Board series and covered it with Purely Pomegranate ink. Because I think the "L" looked more like a "1" I cut it up a little to look more like an "L" and punched three little holes down the top with the Crop-a-Dile. Time to go a little crazy with the stardust pen again and viola! All done!

I'm actually thinking about going back in and adding more flowers to the tin... I'm thinking it needs something and it may just have to be more more more more more flowers!! LOL!

Someone, quick!! Stop me!!!!!!

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