Thursday, November 16, 2006

Workshop Worries

I've started this month with my calendar MOSTLY full... Not all with workshops either! Beyond having fun with Stampin' Up! I also serve as leader for a Girl Scout troop, take care of my grandmother during the day (since I don't have a "real" job!) and serve as Leader for my husband's FRG - that's Family Readiness Group - a military wife thing. (We'll talk about the FRG in the future, I'm SURE!) But that's enough for now... back on topic!

I've started this month with my calendar mostly full (is there an echo in here?) which is nice, keep me busy and all that, but I've been VERY worried about having two workshops back to back. Luckily (and I must be a terrible demo for saying this!) my Wednesday workshop was cancled, and all that prep work that I put in on Monday and Tuesday has saved me Wednesday and Thursday's work for the workshop on Friday! So lets hear it for Wednesday's Hostess who is currently my hero for being too over worked to keep her workshop! (Hip hip hooray!!)


So I thought I'd share my projects that I've prepared for Wednesday's - now Friday's - workshop!!

First we have the hostess gift. It's safe to post it here before the workshop because hey, I've just started the blog tonight and no one knows about it yet!

I got the instructions for the mini purse at the St. Louis Regionals last weekend (WOW talk about fun!!) and adore how easy it is to make. If you need the template, drop me an email and I'll help you out! Also included in this gift is a covered 3x5 scratch pad (purchased at Staples) and a Micro-beaded RSVP Pen.

Wanted to stop here and talk about the pen real quick. I've used the Four Seasons Double Sided Designer Papers from Stampin' Up! which has snowflakes on one side, and blue stripes on the other. For the pen I had the snowflakes showing, and once covered with the clear micro beads they appear frosted! Talk about cool.

COLD! (snicker!)

FROSTY even! (lol, I couldn't help myself!)

All three items were made with a single sheet of 12 x 12 paper and a bit of ribbon. Cost effective and MAN do I hate to give them away!

Also on the agenda for this workshop is a couple door prizes. I made them all the same so I'm only going to post one of them. Keeping with the snowy theme for the night. In a cello bag I've thinly sliced scraps of the Four Seasons Designer Paper and then run it through my crimper (again St. Louis Regionals ROCKED!) then added a stampin' spot (because I have three in this color!) along with an incentive stamp! How cool is it that the door prizes are going to match the hostess gift, which actually match the projects I'll be presenting too! Man am I on a roll or what?!

Yeah, I know the bag topper is a little - dare I say it - boring! I'm planning on going back in with my Festive Favorites stamp set and adding a few of the frosty guys to the topper before the workshop tomorrow. BUT that's only if I can find time!

I'll post the actual demo cards and Make & Take tomorrow... Along with info about how my workshop went. For now though I've gotta get to bed! It's already late and 6:30 comes quick!


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