Saturday, November 18, 2006

Baby it's COLD Outside!

Ok, so my workshop the other night went VERY well. We had about 9 people (not including children and husbands) attending, and it was a BLAST! Partly because when you get certain members of this family together they get to picking on each other - what a HOOT!!

Sales weren't astronomical, but that's OK! I had soooo much fun! I was going to include pictures of the things I demo'ed and the Make and Take, BUT they were mostly CASEd from SCS, so I decided not to bother. I did demo the ghosting technique, and it went over nicely! (Though I did have a tad bit of a problem with my tidy tray and STATIC! OUCH!!)

I got one booking only from the workshop, which is a little of a disappointment because my goal is two bookings or more from each workshop. BUT, I did have four more people (one at the workshop, and three today!) sign up for my Christmas 10-10-10; so maybe I'll get some bookings from that?! Keep your fingers crossed!

OK, so other than that, we checked out a "new to us" stamping/paper craft store in Springfield today. All I can say is: YUM-O! Sooooo glad I found them!! They didn't carry any paper, and only a limited amount of cardstock... yeah, I know what you're thinking! The reason is that Springfield has FOUR other scrapbook stores, AND W.Mart, H.Lobby, and Mikes! So the owner says she lets THEM worry about the papers and stickers, and she'll carry the COOL stuff. And man does she ever!

Now I'm off to play with my new stuff. I'll try and get some snap shots to post later.


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