Friday, January 12, 2007

A Day of David-isms

Today has been an exceptionally busy day for David and I. We started with a business conference over Egg McMuffins this morning. He has instructed me that I am no longer to call him Davy, cause that's a baby's name.

Hmmmm... OK. Mental note - My baby is no longer a baby!

After this very important conference, we scooted over to Ozark to see my grandmother. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that GGB (stands for Great Grandma Bea and is what my sons and nephew and niece call my grandmother) will be with us much longer. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Renal Failure last month, and has been doing rather well despite this very scary diagnosis! That is until a few days ago when her blood tests have done a complete turn around and the numbers are not good! We stayed for a short while, and on our way out the door David - being the sincere and sometimes wise child that he is - says "I guess GGB will have her wings in no time at all!"

Hmmmm... OK. Mental note - My baby is no longer a baby!

After we visited GGB we moved on to the Scrapbook store where David followed me around very patiently with the basket because it's his job to "take care of Mama!" He followed, and followed, and followed until we must have walked a mile around that darn store. (I was shopping for my Secret Cupid on Treasured Scrapbooking and needed to find the PERFECT things for this really cool lady!) Finally I make a move to pay and David says to me: "Hold on, Mama. I'll pay for this." He proceeds to empty two dollars worth of pennies and nickles from his little pockets."

Hmmmm... OK. Mental note - My baby is no longer a baby!

While at Walmart he got to talking to the lady in line behind us - because he's that kind of kid. I have no idea how they got on the subject, but she asked him about his daddy. My heart sank even while my ears perked up. How in the world would he handle this one? David, being the little man that he is said: "My Daddy's in Iraq. He's bringing the Iraqis Freedom."

Hmmmm... OK. Mental note - My baby is no longer a baby!

How is it that celebrating his fifth birthday almost a week ago has aged my little boy into a little man? He's amazing! Apparently he's soaking up much more than I ever thought! (I have no idea where the line about Iraq came from.) Hopefully I'll be able to continue being a good teacher to my son, and he can continue being a good example to me!


Jenni said...

Five is an amazing year! They seem to grow up over night. :)

KK said...

Wow your son acts even more grown up than my 12 year old and 9 year old sometimes! Treasure these moments! What a great answer David gave as to where his Daddy is!
Thank you to you and to your husband for doing what he does every day, so that we Americans can continue to do what we want every day! People sometimes take our freedom for granted.
So thank you to your husband. Please pass on to him that I am very grateful!! Kiki