Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tomas the Wonder Dog!

Wowza! What a busy day, and I spent MOST of it in my bathrobe!

I was hard to convince David that his new birthday toys needed to be stored in his playroom. That is, after all, the reason one entire room in this house is dedicated to toys - so I don't have to step on legos and all manner of other sharp and painful toys in the dark, in the middle of the night! YIKES and OUCH!

Caught up on some stuff on line today. My "Love You" layout was chosen as Layout of the Day on Treasured Scrapbooking! Yay! I'm so tickled! It's actually been quite a while since I scrapped at all, not counting the two gift albums I helped Mom and Marcia put together for Christmas presents. I may even put another layout together tonight; but I'll have to stick to Stampin' Up! products if I'm ever going to get my contest entries together in time!

Tomorrow though, I'm back to cards again. I'll be headed back in to Stamper's Studio - cause guess who's now on a Design Team?! Yup! Me. I'm going in to play with Kristie's stamps and get some projects put together for submissions. So tonight (after scrapbooking of course) I need to get my gear packed and ready to go. Lets hope I don't get there and have my juices just jam up! Yikes!

So after working on the ‘puter some, and getting nothing done in my own little corner of the house, I got ready for girl scouts. Wouldn't you know that these girls are planning on using their cookie money for a trip to St. Louis?! They just about doubled my work load today in figuring out costs, fees and admission prices. I'm praying that we get some of that good 'ole hometown support happening for us cause my rough estimates put us at $1,230 which is roughly equivalent to 1923 boxes of cookies!

So OK, now on to the wonderdog portion of this post! Thomas was a maniac tonight! Of course he waited to get frisky until I was getting ready for our troop meeting. He was climbing all over David, jumping and nipping at my clothes, running in wild circles and barking, just generally having a grand old time and making a bother of himself. I did manage to get a few shots of him. In the first one he's sitting on David's lap! lol. Poor Davy! The second he's just about to bound around the room again, but its a nice "head shot" anyway!

Have a good evening!

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