Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ice Storms

So it took me a while to remember today that the world at large isn't frozen – just my little corner of it! We're definitely frozen here; though I have to say that David and I are faring much better than many of people around us! (I pray that we remain so!)

70,000 people were without power in Springfield due to these ice storms. I hear that they now have that number down by about 5 - 10,000 people. My sister is one of those people. Not a big deal for the most part, but Marcia recently had surgery on her leg and is not mobile yet. Due to some quick thinking on my parent's part Marcia and my nephew Kyle are safely ensconced at my parent's home. In addition to my sister and nephew my parents have also taken in two other people from Springfield who were left without power. Way to go Mom and Dad!

David and I don't watch news while Tim is overseas so I tend to forget there's a world outside this frozen little cocoon that David and I are trapped in. Yes, trapped! My truck is frozen shut. Happily though that's the biggest problem we've got. The power, water and cable are all on still and we don't have a single branch down in our yard! So I'm hoping that these bending boughs hold until the melting cause I don't want to lose my roof! (See the pic with the red oval! That branch usually stands up strait. If it falls it will land on the roof directly above my bed... I'm thinking about sleeping in the livingroom tonight! Or maybe I'll bunk on the extra bed in David's room!)

I went out this morning with my camera and got some shots. I’m surprised they turned out this well as I was shivering beyond belief! (My scarf is frozen inside the truck!) Enjoy the pics and please pray for those people without power tonight. For many people in the area no power means no water, no heat, and no food.

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Anonymous said...

Love that pic with the dog, great angle & great colors! BRRR! Way too cold for this SoCal Girl!
Shelly (Reel Girl)
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