Monday, January 15, 2007

The Morning After

We survived the night - but not unscathed! Yesterday, you will remember I went out and looked around to see what was what. Then I saw that big honkin' branch bent nearly in half and right over the portion of the house where my bedroom sits. Sure enough, that silly branch came down at 5 o'clock this morning. I heard it from where I was pretending to sleep!

Our power went out about 3 AM and it woke me up because I'd fallen asleep on the couch with the TV on. I layed there trying to figure out if I'd gotten up sometime during the night and turned off the lights, or if the power was out. After laying there for a few mintues I finally decided that the power was indeed out! So I got up and closed off extra rooms to conserve heat. My bedroom, the craft and play rooms as well as all three bathrooms were closed.

I layed there forever just listening to the creak and pop of branches finally breaking their moorings. I don't know if you've ever heard it, but its pretty close to what I remember a gun shot sounding like! The first one that popped made me jump out of my skin! Yikes! I knew what it was, but it still startled me anyway! lol.

It was about 5 AM when that darn branch over my house finally let loose. No nice little pop this time. It was more like crash and crunch! I knew what it was instantly and decided that I probably wasn't going back to sleep anyway. I got up and went out with Thomas to take some pictures! (Of course, cause whatelse would a scrapbooking fanatic do?!)

The truck is fine. I think I saw a few extra scratches, but still plenty drivable once I get the branch removed! It appears that the roof is fine too, though there's no way I'm climbing up there to investigate! It seems like the only real damage to the house is my poor pretty rain gutter is bent and pulled away from the house. (Pretty because this is the first house we've lived in that had rain gutters and were a big selling point for me! lol!!) The only real damage to the truck is Tim's Army box. I don't know if you've ever seen one of these things, they're the modern day equivilant to those old green foot lockers. They are built super tough and this one has been to Iraq and back again twice! It won't be going anywhere now! That branch went RIGHT THROUGH the top! YIKES!

Anyway, our power came back on at 8 am and David and I cheered for the folks at Webster Electric Co-Op for getting us going again! I wasn't looking forward to cooking on a camp stove this morning! So we're safe, warm, and well fed. Time to make phone calls to see how my friends and family are doing!

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