Thursday, August 23, 2007

Welcome Home 557!

I'm back after a small break friends! And I'm happy to announce the return of the 557 MCT from their deployment to Iraq. This unit of 12 soldiers left Springfield in June 2006 and spent some time training in Indiana. After training the unit shipped out to Iraq in August 2006. The families are SO happy to have their solders home after this fifteen month deployment!

Our family is more than happy to welcome back Sgt. Timothy Chenoweth - other wise known as Dad! The boys could hardly stand themselves waiting for the bus to pull in to the parking lot. As the bus pulled infront of the families everyone released yellow balloons with their soldier's name on them and messages of love and welcome!

Upon seeing their father Tyler and David rushed to him and nearly tackled him right there on the sidewalk! After kisses and hugs all around we went inside for a brief welcome home ceremony with Maj Boggess officiating. This is a special moment for a few of the soldiers as Maj Boggess was the 557th's Commanding Officer during their first deployment during Operation Enduring Freedom. The ceremony ended and we all scattered as quickly as possible!

So, welcome home Tim! I'm SO GLAD to have you home with us and get back to our lives as they should be!

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Linda said...

We're SOOOO glad you're back safe and sound and THANK YOU for all the time you've spent away from your family to defend ours!
Hugs n love
Linda and Jim