Friday, December 22, 2006


It's really be a great day. It started with a mad dash around the house to make it presentable enough for company! My Visiting Teachers were coming! YAY!! I was so excited when they got here *JUST* as I was putting our breakfast bowls in the sink. (Got to put that chore off for an hour or so! Yay again!) It was really great to see them, but lo and behold, it got better...

My husband called! Yay Tim!

So half the Visiting Teaching time was taken up with me on the phone with Tim, and them hollering things at me to tell him! It was of course a ton of fun, and it helped that Tim was in a good mood. I guess things are going OK "over there" where ever "over there" is! lol. He doesn't talk much about things there, and keeps changing the subject to home matters. Excape comes in many forms I suppose! Anyway we are all so VERY proud of him. He's a one of a kind guy and just as sweet as can be. (Though he'd probably cringe if he could read this right now! lol!!)


I was so stinkin' excited for them to get their gifts I couldn't stand it. I handed them over just as soon as their butts hit leather! lol. They really liked them! YAY ME! Of course at this point they wanna know how I made them, and I just *HAD* to show them my new toy in my newly organized craft room! lol. After we ooooh'ed and ahhhhh'ed over the Cricut we went back in the other room and got to talking and all that fun stuff! What a great lesson we had this morning too! I really do love these sisters. They bring the warmth of the spirit into my home and that's a treasure beyond price!

Anyway, Angie liked hers well enough I'm going to make one for her mother's birthday! Yay! How cool is that?! Since I'm going to do the exact same thing I did for theirs I won't post my exaples again! Not to worry though. I do have a card sample that I made tonight!

I have been trying to get a bunch of mechanics cards made to take into the local stamping/scrapbooking store. We've been in negotiations about my maybe teaching there. I'm trying not to talk about it because I don't wanna jinx myself, just keep everything crossed for me! I plan on going in tomorrow afternoon.

So tonight my mechanical card was the Revolving Door Card. If you want instructions on this one you'll have to email me and I'll share, but I don't feel like typing that much more tonight.

Here's the recipe for the card:

Stamps: Ahoy Matey, Matey's Map, Rough Edges Alphabet
Paper: Ballet Blue, More Mustard, Whisper White
Ink: Close to Cocoa, More Mustard, White Craft
Accessories: Sponge Daubers, Prisma Colored Pencils, Gamasol

I tried something new tonight, in that I used Prisma Colored Pencils and Gamasol to do my watercoloring. I'm not too hot at it yet, but I managed to get things colored in, which is more than I expected to be able to do! For a tutorial on using Prisma Colored Pencils and Gamasol click here.

Gamasol is a brand name of odorless mineral spirits. It can be found at HL, Mike's, and WMart to name a few. Look around! Lots of fun! I'm going to keep practicing, and eventually will be boasting about it here! lol!

So I guess I'd better get off here. I want to make a waterfall card for tomorrow. I think I'll start it to night (the mechanics and all that) then stamp it up tomorrow. More than likely I'll get involved though and just do it all tonight!

Remember to keep your digits crossed for me! I could stand to start teaching again!

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