Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Home Again, Home Again...

I hope you've missed me this week as much as I've missed you. I also hope that you've had the best ever holiday season! I went to Ohio for the week, and MAN am I glad to be home with my stamping stuff again! I went to spend time with my 81 year old grandmother and was concerend taht I wasn't going to have the time/inclination to stamp while I was there. Man was I wrong! So lesson learned. Next time the stamping stuff goes with me, even if it means taking an additional bag!

Anyway, just before I left I finished up my ATC's for Vanessa's swap. I set out trying to come up with something WOW, and different. But I guess I ended up shy of wow, and not so different. I did try the ghosting technique, which was fun. And I finally used my Blue Frost Kalidescope pad, which is cool. So all is not lost. I did look at the list of participants though, and MAN am I in for a treat when this stuff comes back! There are some TALENTED ladies on that list. *sigh* I will endevor to be better for the next swap!

We did have a great time in Ohio though I worried about my ATC's the entire time. We got to see my Uncle Clyde and Aunt Sue, my Great Aunt Sissy and her children Frank and Beth. We stayed with my Uncle Willie at his cute little house in Columbus! I also got to see my cousin Lara. (She's the cutie on the right!) Along with her friend Molly, who David just adored! This pic was taken our last day there. Lara, Molly and I took Dave to the park at the end of the street. I swear those girls had as much - if not more - fun on the jungle gym and swings as David! I occupied my time taking over 60 pictures. This is my favorite one though. Arne't they cute?!

So anyway, time to get dressed and put the war paint on! I've got to get some errans run. Rest assured though that I'll post again soon. (As soon as I make something!)

- Merr

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