Friday, December 22, 2006

Feel Compelled to Share

For some time now I've been playing around with making a book of me. I scrap Tim and the kiddo and the dog all the time. I even scrapbook my nephew, my parents and other family members, but have not done any GOOD scrapbooking about myself in over a year now. Here's today's challenge to myself: GET SOME DONE!

The major part I have complete so far is a page that says: "What I'd Tell a 13 Year Old Me." And here's my list. I'd love to know what you would tell yourself at 13 if you could! Post them incase I need to tell myself that too!

1. Being tall with curly hair are assets.
2. Boobs are NOT an asset, stop praying for them!
3. Be PROUD of the things that make you different, its those very things that you'll be most grateful for when you're 26
4. Everyone is just as uncomfortable with themselves as you are this very second.
5. Acne isn't a death sentence
6. Boys are fine in small doses. You don't have to have a boyfriend to feel pretty or be cared about.
7. Love will find you! There REALLY is someone who was meant just for you! Your marriage will be strong enough to survive the stress of wars and stinky feet; and will be a happy refuge from the rest of the world.
8. Great metabolism doesn't last forever! Prepare yourself for size 22/24! Its not the end of the world, and it will pass, but be prepared to say good bye to 130 lbs forever!
9. Don't take yourself so seriously! So what if you get in trouble? You'll be able to say you did something foolish once...
10. Living is made a life by the little things.
11. Stay away from After Shock! Cinnamon will NEVER taste or smell good again!!!
12. Home is where ever you make it.
13. You will never have the same type of relationship with your mother that your sister has. You will have your own type of relationship with her, and it will be beautiful!
14. You may never get along with your sister, but will always be there for each other in times of need and chocolate withdrawals.
15. You are so much stronger and smarter than you give yourself credit for!
16. There are many forms of beauty in this world - seek beauty in all its varieties.

Now I guess the trick is to get my 13 year old self to LISTEN and BELIEVE my list - right?!

What would YOU tell yourself? Please share!!


Rhonda said...

I could have used this list when I was a teen!! Thanks for felt like something I could have written. We must have similar lives!!!

Joan said...

Here goes, a slightly different take on your list!

1. Exercise and eat healthy now. Not to be the thinnest kid on the block but to be healthy. If you don't learn to do it now, it will be very hard later. It isn't fun being a size 22/24!

2. Quit thinking the world revolves around you. The more you give to others the better your life will be.

3. Study hard and do your best -- not so you'll get into the "best" college, but because you owe it to yourself and to others to be your best.

4. Be a good friend. Don't gossip. It's fun to gossip and be in the know, but it can hurt people.

5. Read. Read what you love.

6. You might find the love of your life. But, frankly, some people never marry or marry poorly. The important thing is that you have the capacity to love and be loved. Don't settle for someone "just to be married." The right person is worth waiting for. The rest will be.

7. Save your money.

8. Make sure you always have health insurance.

9. Take up a hobby. Something you love.

10. Ask for help when you need it and be willing to give it when someone else does.

StampinMelis said...

1. Popularity is fleeting. Those pretty, popular girls with all the right clothes, hair and boys are actually pretty lonely. Their friends have high expectations that no one can live up to.

2. Be who you are, not who others try to force you to be. You'll be much happier in the end, and those who are your true friends will love you no matter what you wear, the music you listen to, or the boys you crush on.

3. Spend time with your family. Yes, you think they're geeky now, but you'll cherish the memories later.

4. When you go back to your ten-year reunion, everyone will have gained 10-25 pounds and the guys will have started losing their hair. Remember that when someone puts you down. They're no better than you.

5. Don't rush to grow up. The first 18 years of your life go very fast, and then you have (hopefully) 60+ years of being a grown up. Enjoy every moment you can just being a kid.

6. Take lots of pictures and keep a journal. You'll want to remember how you felt and what you did when you were young.

7. Rock stars, models and athletes aren't role models. Your best role models can be found in your own family and in your school.

8. No matter how much he says it does, having sex with a boy does not prove that you love each other. If he truly loved you, he'd respect your choice to wait.

9. Find something you love to do and figure out a way to build a career around it. Too many people end up in jobs that make them miserable. Who wants to be miserable for 30+ years in a dead-end job?

10. Seek out an adult that you can truly talk to without fear of punishment or judgement. They will help you just by listening to you and sharing stories from their own youth.

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

Here's one off the top of my head:

You'll have your period for at least 35 years, if not more, so stop praying for it!

(Yes, I DID pray for it when I was 13 and it happened......on the day of a basketball game.....I thought I was going to die...literally!)

Lorie said...

What a great list. My only 2 additions would be.
1. Be you. Whoever you are and you don't have to figure that out right now.
2. The best part is you'll get over it. The worst part is you'll get over it.