Saturday, January 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Yes folks, that's right. Our Thomas is two years old today! I can't believe how much he's grown - both physically and emotionally since he joined our family! I look at him, and can still see the shy and cowering boy we was a year and a half ago. He would run away and hide when anyone would approach him. These days he's more likely to yell at you if you come near (because some of that poor abused little boy will always be a part of him.)

I was not convinced at first when Tim said we had to take him in. I worried about him snapping at David, or never getting over the scared piddling thing; and I was certain that we could never be able to even pet him because he was forever running away from us.

But I began working with him anyway. Our training started with me lying down with my arms out stretched and my eyes closed. After waiting five minutes or so he would cautiously approach me, sniff at my fingers and then scoot away. Still more weeks went by before I was allowed to tiptoe ever closer to him before he would run away. Within a few months however he had become my shadow, my closest companion, and my sweet sweet baby!

So in honor of how far my boy has come since joining our family I have made him a special little treat. (Yes, I know he has no real appreciation for the fine art of paper crafting.) This little pint sized paint can is filled with his favorite treats from the doggie bakery in Springfield.


Kelly C said...

It's so wonderful you celebrate his birthday!! And isn't it funny how attached we can get to the furry footed kiddos?!

Gaspegirl said...

Our pets are our children too so I applaude you and taking the time to celebrate Thomas' birthday!

Sue said...

What a wonderful story, there are so many wonderful pets that just need some TLC and lovin'. And I am sure he already knows that is his treat tin and appreciates it for his own reasons LOL!